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Few Alabama lawyers specialize in suing other lawyers: 'Not for the faint of heart'

"Jerry Blevins, a Montgomery attorney who is one of only two or three in the state who regularly takes legal malpractice cases" - July 23, 2013

Tutwiler inmate wins $2M judgment against her former attorney

"Montgomery attorney Jerry Blevins, representing Roberts, praised the ruling against Lanier in a phone interview Friday" - April 5, 2014

Third lawyer quits defence of 'Auburn oak poisoner' as desperate efforts to save trees continue 

"Jerry Blevins became the latest attorney seeking to withdraw from the emotive case, citing an 'irreconcilable conflict' between himself and defendant Harvey Updyke Jr." - February 23, 2011

"This is based on what we call 'Stand Your Ground' law," said Jerry Blevins, Hart's attorney" - April 7, 2016

"The lawsuit, filed by Montgomery attorney Jerry Blevins, alleges Wyatt retained Walthall as legal counsel involving a criminal case" - February 5, 2015